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Dexterity Studios

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DEXTERITY STUDIOS is a one-stop studio for Live “Analogue” Recording, Digital Recording, Chroma Video shoot, Music Rehearsals for bands and solo acts.

Dexterity Studios analog and digital Audio studio Something Great Happen.

Dexterity Studios New audio Studio in Lagos Nigeria located in Amuwo Odufin area In Lagos State close to Festac town. High Performance Musical

A native of Cross River State, Emmanuel E’Davids is one gospel singer that packs a lot of power in his performances. With his deep and somewhat guttural voice, E’Davids easily sets halls and concert venues ablaze when ministering. In this chat with E24-7 MAGAZINE’S TOFARATI IGE, he shares some of his experiences as a gospel singer… How do you feel performing at an event like the AMAA Charity Ball? It was more of a ministration and not performance. Anyway, I feel it’s high time. People do a lot and forget about Jesus, but AMAA’s President, Amaka Igwe, is suddenly saying let’s do Jesus; I do feel it’s a wonderful and welcome idea. I felt like I was in heaven, and we should be doing this more. We don’t usually have gospel musicians performing at secular events like this because some people think gospel music should be confined to the church alone…what’s your take on that? The Bible says, ‘Go ye into the world and multiply,’ and you can’t do that in ”

View Photos of the event. It was fun all the way…




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