bridal shower games questions

best top 10 bridal shower games questions?

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bridal shower games questions


If you’re planning a bridal shower, it’s important to keep in mind that your guests will probably have some questions about the bride-to-be. These questions will help you create your own bridal shower game.

What was the bride’s first car?

You’ll want to ask this question because it’s one of the most important ones. You’re asking about her first car, so it’s best to start with a simple answer like “a Chevy,” or “a Mustang.” This will help you understand if she was truly happy with that choice or not. If she wasn’t, then maybe you should rethink your venue selection for the wedding and go with something less flashy next time!

How old are they here?

When you’re at the bridal shower, it can be fun to ask questions about the bride’s age. For example: “How long have you been married?” or “Does he have kids?” If your friend is having a baby soon and you want to know more about her pregnancy, ask this question too!

In addition to asking about age, there are other categories of questions that might make sense when talking with friends who are getting married. You could ask them how old they were when they first met their partner (or vice versa), or if either of them had any siblings before meeting each other—that way everyone feels like they’re being included in the conversation without seeming clingy or awkward by asking something personal like “Where have I been?!”

Who was her first crush?

  • Was it a boy or a girl?
  • What was their name?
  • How did they meet?
  • How long did they date, and what was the most memorable thing about them?

Who was her first celebrity crush?

You’re not going to get away with saying “I don’t know.”

  • Answer the question.
  • If you haven’t seen this person in a few years, then explain why you don’t recognize them now (if applicable).

What was her favorite show as a kid?

What was her favorite show as a kid?

Did she watch it with her family?

Did she have a favorite character?

How did it influence her as a person?

What is her favorite snack to munch on while watching a movie?

  • What is her favorite snack to munch on while watching a movie?
  • Popcorn, candy, or chips? A good question to ask at the bridal shower is what she likes to have in front of her when she’s watching a movie. If you know this person well enough then it might be easy for you to come up with some ideas based on their interests and preferences. You could even incorporate one of these snacks into your invitation if it fits with the theme of the party!

What is the first concert she attended?

  • What was the name of the band? How old was she? Was it with friends or family? What did she wear to this concert? What was the experience like for her, and how did she feel about it afterward (if at all)?
  • If you have any photos or videos from when your friend went to her first concert, share them here!

What color lipstick did she wear on her first date with her fiancé/husband?

The bride is the one who will be answering this question. It’s important that she knows what color lipstick her fiancé/husband wore on their first date and will likely have some idea of how to answer it. If you’re playing a bridal shower game, try something like “who wore it better?” or “who looked more like themselves in the picture?” or even just “what’s your favorite color?”.

It could be that someone else has already asked this question and you’ll need another way to make sure that everyone gets a chance to talk about it so no one feels left out.

Who was the first person she told about getting engaged?

  • Who was the first person she told about getting engaged?

If you’re a woman and have been engaged for a while, you may be wondering who your fiancé told first. If it’s an answer of “my parents,” then congratulations! But if it’s otherwise, start searching for answers on Google or YouTube. The internet is full of videos that will help you figure out what to do next.

Where did they go on their first date?

This question is a lot of fun to play, because there are so many different options. You can choose a movie theater, dinner at your favorite restaurant or even something as simple as going to the park and having popcorn together.

There’s no right or wrong answer here—it’s just about remembering their first date!

What is one thing he always does that drives her crazy?

You want to make your groom feel special and loved, so you want his bride to feel like she’s being remembered. This is a great way to do that!

  • Be specific about what it is he does that drives her crazy. Don’t give away too much about their relationship or the bride herself. If it’s something too personal, don’t share it with anyone else at the shower (other than family members). Try making up an original story about how he drives her crazy in an amusing way that makes both of them laugh together. This can also be done by asking questions about each other’s relationships; for example: “What did your last boyfriend do that drove you crazy?”

If a movie were made of their love story, what would it be called?

If a movie were made of their love story, what would it be called?

The Movie: The Boy Who Told Lies. It’s based on a true story and stars Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner as two people who fall in love while living together in an apartment building filled with other couples. They’re both artists and they have lots of free time because there are no children running around or anything like that. They hang out all day long while they work on their art projects together, just talking about life or whatever comes up between them as friends who’ve known each other since childhoods spent playing together as kids; but then one day something happens which makes them realize that maybe there might be something more than friendship between them after all—and maybe even something more than just being “just friends” if things go well enough!

These questions will help you create your own bridal shower game.

Your bridal shower game is the perfect opportunity to get your friends together, have fun and learn new things.

But how do you know what questions to ask?

There are many different types of bridal shower games. Some are competitive and others are just for fun! The most important thing when creating a game is that everyone has a good time while they’re playing it so they want to come back again next year!


We hope that this article has helped you come up with some fun questions for your bridal shower.

We know that it can be hard to choose the right questions when planning your own game, so we’ve provided a list of simple and creative choices here. Remember to keep it positive and fun, but also challenging! Even if you don’t think these are the right ones for you, they may spark other ideas in your mind or help spark some good conversation between guests at dinner time. Good luck!

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